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Top 3 Web Design and Development Mistakes


People often make the mistake of designing their websites for either the user or the search engine. You can have a great website that is very customer friendly, but it fails to appear on the search engines or appears in pages that people usually never land upon. The problem with that approach is that you won’t be getting the amount of traffic you need to grow organically. The other side of the issue is where websites are designed for search engines. Your website will get a lot of traffic, but there will be little to no conversion of visitor to a customer because of how poorly the website is designed in terms of user interface. Here in this article, we have explored some of the most common mistakes that you can make when it comes to website design and development.

  1. H1 Tag

Some of the simpler elements of website design are overlooked to accommodate other features. And H1 tag is a simple SEO element that can make all the difference. You can have a great website that is designed spectacularly, but if it is missing H1 tags, then you won’t be gaining the organic growth that you should. H1 tags are among the first things that crawlers pick up on when you enter keywords in the search engines. If a user looks at your website and is unable to narrow down on what you’re offering in the first 10 seconds, you’ve got major issues.

  1. Load Time

Load time is affected by a lot of things; one of the major reasons is large media files. Okay, so you’ve added great content and images to make your website look great, but the cost of that might be load speed. You may not think that is important, but Google surely does. Google favours websites that load quickly and even goes as far as to rank these websites highly. If you are unaware of the time it takes to load your website; we recommend you scan your website using Google PageSpeed Insights Test.

  1. Popups


We get it, you want to make some quick bucks by including popups on your website, but the downside is that Google shuns websites with popups. Google heavily relies on user experience on the mobile platform, and it can be a pain if popups keep popping up while a user is accessing a website. Google especially dislikes websites that have popups that prevent users from looking at the main content. So remember that you’re losing out on both Google and customers by trying to make some quick change by relying on popups.

3 Tips to improve your Website Design


It is not enough if you just have a great product and a great office space; your digital presence needs to reflect that as well. Having a great website can make all the difference. Here in this article, we have come up with certain essential tips in regard to website design to make the overall experience better.

  1. Plan it

It is important to have a plan before you start designing your website. Website design like any other form of design can quickly get out of hand, and if you don’t have a plan to start out with, you may end up preferring aesthetic appeal over functional appeal quite quickly. Always make sure to map out the consumer’s experience and see whether everything is designed to enable easy user experience. The important point to focus on is to follow a step by step approach and not focus on the end-point at the beginning itself.

  1. What not to do?

Most people have this misconception that thickset images and words such as flexible, out of the box thinking and innovative design can greatly influence consumer experience. It actually ends up doing the reverse; you have to keep in mind that people who visit your website are only going to have an attention span of 8 seconds. The attention span is a criterion that needs to be taken seriously, and the website should be designed around it. The present trend is to have appropriate photos with minimalistic design and simple terms that convey what you’re trying to sell instead of clouding the thought process of consumers.


  1. Untapped Markets

You have to view customers as potential promoters who work for you for no pay. If you have a great website with the perfect design and content, people will be drawn to share it with their friends. So what we are trying to get at is that you should be adding social buttons on your website that can make it easy for the person visiting your website to share your content with the rest of their friends. The big picture outlook will be that if a person with over a million followers land upon your website and decides to share the content with his or her legions of fans; you are essentially getting mentioned for free without having to do any form of promotion. The important thing is to be subtle about it. The buttons need to be strategically placed; you shouldn’t push your customers to share but instead, leave it to them to take that call. Remember the more you push, the less cool you will look.

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