Why Choose WordPress

Did you know that WordPress is more than a blogging platform? Despite it being identified as a blogging platform, WordPress has emerged to be the best content management system. Other than using it for the creation of a simple blog, it can also be used in the creation of mobile apps and fully working websites.

What makes WordPress the best platform is that it doesn’t need a lot of skills to use it. Moreover, it is flexible to anything. This explains why it has gained much popularity. A number of top brands like Google, LinkedIn, eBay and many more are currently using WordPress for powering their websites because of its outstanding features.

It is a Free Software

Downloading, installing, using, and modifying WordPress sites is free. It can be used for the creation of any website. Furthermore, WordPress is open source, meaning the source code of this software can be accessed by anyone for studying, modifying, and playing.

Quick to Adapt

Currently, millions of people are using WordPress. The main reason for this is that it is easy to use. Many people are joining the WordPress platform for the creation of their first website powered by WordPress.

A Wide Variety of Themes to Choose from

With WordPress, you can give your site any look of your wish. WordPress gives everyone a chance to access thousands of free perfect themes for any type of website. Moreover, these themes are easy to customize since a number of them are accompanied by a respectable options panel. This allows changing of colours, uploading a logo, changing of background, the creation of beautiful sliders, and the creation of other cool things.

It is Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is written using a standard, high-quality compliance code. Moreover, this code produces a semantic markup. This makes the client’s website search engine friendly.

Easy for Management

With WordPress’ built-in updates, it is possible to update plugins and themes directly from the WordPress admin dashboard. Every time a new version of WordPress is introduced, you get notified. Updating is allowed by clicking a button.

It is Safe and Secure

While developing WordPress, security is a major factor that is considered. As a result, it is a relatively safe and secure platform for running any website. Thus, with WordPress, you are promised that the intruders have no access to your website.

It is Capable of Handling Different Types of Media

WordPress does not limit you to text writing. With it, you can handle a number of images, audios, and video contents. Moreover, it can also be used for file management. Another unique feature of WordPress is that it embeds Instagram photos, sound cloud audio, YouTube videos, and Tweets.