The advantages of using SEO backlinks

The advantages of using SEO backlinks

When you talk about bout a backlink, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that it’s one of the most common words used when it comes to SEO. If you as a blogger are confused about what these backlinks refer to, you are at the right place.

Backlinks are the incoming links on a webpage. A webpage that links to another webpage is called a backlink. A page which had more backlinks always ranked higher in the search engines. However, while there have been a few changes which impact the ranking on the search engines, the fact about backlinks still holds true to a certain extent.

The following are some terms associated with backlinks which every blogger should know about:

  • No follow links. These are links which have a no follow tag. While these are definitely not useful for the ranking of the web page but are generally used when the blogger is linking out to a site which is unreliable.
  • Do follow links. These are links which are associated with the blog and lead to another web page.
  • Lining root domains. These are the backlinks which are found on your website through a unique domain. Despite the website having ten links on your website it would still be considered as a single linked root domain.
  • Low quality links are those which have come through spam sites and which do not carry much weightage. Care must be taken when buying backlinks. You should only buy backlinks which belong to a reliable website and which has some backing when it comes to authenticity.
  • Inter links are links which are linked from one page to another on the same domain are known as internal links.
  • Anchor text is the text which is used for hyperlinks. If you as a blogger are trying to rank high for certain keywords, these links work great.


The advantages of SEO backlinks

There are several advantages of using SEO backlinks. Some of these are as follows:

  • Backlinks help your website rank higher in search engines. A website which gets links from other websites tends to rank higher in search pages. There should be individual posts or pages which need to be created in order to allow them to link back to your website.
  • Bots find it difficult to find websites which do not contain a sufficient number of backlinks. If you want to make sure that search engine bots find your website, do make sure you have quality backlinks which link back to your website.
  • Backlinks can help you get referral traffic. Anyone reading the posts put up by you might click on a link to find more about a product or service and be directed towards your website. Usually someone would click on a link voluntarily, this way you get a targeted audience for your website.

While backlinks are definitely a great advantage for any business website but it should be known that it’s only the quality backlinks which actually matter. This can be done through writing quality articles, start guest blogging and submit information to web directories.


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